Client Projects

Graffiti Removal Portfolio

When historic masonry is defaced with graffiti, it's imperative to not only remove it quickly, but gently. Kaptive C&P uses a removal technique that safely restores the original surface of any building material, without damaging the substrate. The projects shown here are a good example of how this method preserves natural stone.
Graffiti Removal Services: Cleaning, Restoration, Prevention

Graffiti Removal, Concrete Jewelry Building
Graffiti Removal, Terra Cotta Shopping Center
Graffiti Cleaning of Marble Office Building

Brick Restoration Portfolio

Brick is so common a building material as to be easily overlooked in the survey of historic building materials, but it is so ubiquitous that to ignore it would be misleading. The following brick restoration and repair projects are representative of the issues we face when dealing with this widely used material. Brick Restoration Services: Cleaning, Restoration & Preservation, Patching & Repair, Iron Spall (Iron Jacking), Repoint, Restore, Seismic Upgrades & Stabilization, Painting & Stripping

Dechambeau Hotel
Brick Reinstallation
Boyle Hotel
Brick Repointing
El Segundo High School
Brick Repair
Rachlin Building
Brick Veneer Repair
Glazed Brick Veneer Replacement
Barstow Station
Structural Reinforcing
Christie Hotel
Brick Reproduction
Raymond Theater
Brick Preservation
Brick Restoration
Brick Wall Demolition at Historic Hotel

Cast Stone Restoration Portfolio

Cast Stone (sometimes labled 'PreCast') is the cost-effective substitute for hand-carved natural stone developed at the beginning of the 20th c. As Portland cement became more available towards the end of the 19th century, its use as an alternative decorative building material became more prevalent. Given California's major surviving buildings date from after 1900, it is no surprise that there are multiple examples of cast stone restoration and repair projects for our review. Cast Restoration and Cast Repair Services: Cleaning, Restoration & Preservation, Patching & Repair, Iron Spall (Iron Jacking), Resurface, Repoint, Custom Manufacture Molds, Custom Fabrication, Seismic Upgrades & Stabilization, Painting & Stripping

Sowden House
Cast Stone Replacement
Hollyhock House
Decorative Cast Stone
L.A. Residence
Cast Stone Installation
Wilshire Temple
Cast Stone Restoration
First Methodist Church
Cast Stone Removal
LMU Chapel Cast Stone Preservation
Balboa Park Museum
Cast Stone Reproduction
William Penn Building Stone Stabilization
Carnegie Observatories
Precast Stone
Huntington Museum
Veneer Patching
Mayfair Theater
Veneer Preservation
Atascadero City Hall Fountain Restoration
Cast Iron Veneer Preservation

Ceramic & Mosaic Tile Restoration Portfolio

Ceramic and marble tiles have been around for a long time, and their use in mosaic surfaces has always been an enjoyable challenge from a restoration viewpoint. With the advent and dispersal of porcelain technology in the last two centuries, these useful and durable materials became a regular component of many historic structures. The following ceramic tile and mosaic restoration projects give some indication of how varied these materials can be. Ceramic Tile Restoration Services: Cleaning, Restoration & Preservation, Patching & Repair, Resurface, Repoint, Custom Manufacture Mold, Custom Fabrication, Tiling

Granizo Mural
Ceramic Tile Repair
St. Mary's Porcelain Tile Installation
Fort Moore Memorial
Fountain Restoration
L.A. Central Library
Ceramic Tile Restoration
May Co. Building
Mosaic Tile Repair
Palace Hotel
Mosaic Flooring Repair
L.A. County Hospital
Mosaic Floor Restoration

Historic Concrete Restoration Portfolio

With the commercial advent of modern day Portland cement, the use of concrete in construction blossomed and grew to large quantities by the early part of the 20th Century. The projects listed here provide a good sampling of historic concrete restoration, patching, and repair jobs, illustrating the use of concrete in historic buildings and facades. Historic Concrete Restoration Services: Cleaning, Restoration & Preservation, Patching & Repair, Iron Spall (Iron Jacking), Resurface, Repoint, Custom Manufacture Molds, Seismic Upgrades & Stabilization, Painting & Stripping

Arcade Theater
Concrete Patching
Oaklawn Bridge
Concrete Restoration
Olympic Stadium
Concrete Veneer Repairs
Cabrillo Bridge
Concrete Stabilization
AMDA (Vine Tower)
Concrete Repair

Natural Stone Restoration Portfolio

Natural stone as an exterior building material is not as prevalent on the West Coast as it is in the Eastern States, only because the majority of our buildng cycles took place after the advent of Portland cement and ceramic building materials. However, there are enough instances of natural stone in the urban Western environment to address this material, especially in regards to interior surfaces. The following stone restoration projects give some idea of how we have dealt with the medium in our restoration work. Natural Stone Restoration Services: Cleaning, Restoration & Preservation, Patching & Repair, Iron Spall (Iron Jacking), Installation, Resurface, Repoint, Seismic Upgrades & Stabilization, Custom Fabrication


Vibiana Cathedral
Earthquake Retrofitting
Kerckhoff Hall
Limestone Preservation
Huntington Museum
Sculpture Preservation
L.A. Central Library
Limestone Restoration


Merrit Building
Marble Cleaning
Annenberg Pool
Marble Tile Restoration
Federal Office Veneer
Seismic Upgrade
Oakland City Hall
Interior Marble Restoration
Temple Emmanu-El
Decorative Marble


Flood Building
Sandstone Restoration
Mt. St. Mary's College
Sandstone Repairs

Decorative Plaster Portfolio

Decorative plaster is a versatile medium that poses its own set of challenges but can yield highly decorative and enriched interior building surfaces. The decorative and ornamental plaster restoration projects shown here were the result of seismic upgrades and historic tax credit requirements regarding the amount of original material reinstalled. Decorative Plaster Repair and Restoration Services: Cleaning, Restoration & Preservation, Patching & Repair, Resurface, Custom Manufacture Molds, Custom Fabrication, Painting & Stripping

Subway Terminal
Plaster Restoration
Roosevelt Hotel
Ceiling Renovation
Shopping Center
Ornamental Plaster
Plaza Hotel Adobe Wall Restoration
San Bernadino Courthouse
Plaster Restoration
Seven Grand Plaster Ceiling Restoration

Terra Cotta Restoration Portfolio

Terra cotta, both glazed and unglazed, is a very common decorative building material, used widely from its commercial introduction in the late 19th century until today. Originally marketed as a cost-effective alternative to hand-cut natural stone, it has evolved into a medium all its own. The following terra cotta restoration projects involved the use of repair as well as complete terra cotta replacement to provide the finished results. The restoration of terra cotta veneers often involves patching and repair of glazed decorative surfaces, using specialty patching mortars and coatings. Structural and surface damage can originate from moisture penetration behind the terra cotta units, so waterproofing and anchorage issues must be addressed as well. Terra Cotta Restoration Services: Cleaning, Restoration & Preservation, Patching & Repair, Iron Spall (Iron Jacking), Resurface, Repoint, Custom Manufacture Molds, Custom Fabrication, Seismic Upgrades & Stabilization, Tiling

Security Lofts Terra Cotta Patching
Jumpman LA Building
Terra Cotta Restoration
Hollywood Post 43
Glazed Terra Cotta
Nash Building
Terra Cotta Reproduction
180 Spring St.
Terra Cotta Replication
Title Guarantee Building
Terra Cotta Patching
Gardner Building
Terra Cotta Repair
Van Nuys Terra Cotta Preservation
Eastern Columbia Building
Terra Cotta Restoration
Million Dollar Building
Terra Cotta Replacement

More Client Projects

1830 N Cherokee Ave, Los Angeles, CA - Cast Stone
403 Foothill Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA - Concrete
443 S San Pedro, Los Angeles, CA - Terra Cotta
Visitation Church & School, Los Angeles, CA - Brick
Union Station Star, Los Angeles, CA - Natural Stone
131 Rossmore,
Los Angeles, CA - Precast
510 S Broadway,
Los Angeles, CA - FRC
709 Arden Beverly Hills, CA - Precast
El Segundo, CA - Brick
Dream Center, Los Angeles, CA - Plaster
Wurstkuche Downtown, Los Angeles, CA - Brick
Wurstkuche, Venice, CA - Brick
35 Dayton
Pasadena, CA
2 Grant Ave
San Francicso, CA
3 Grant Ave
San Francisco, CA
1 Bunker Hill
Los Angeles, CA
AFI Administration Building
Los Angeles, CA
Alameda City Hall
Alameda, CA
Alameda County Courthouse
Oakland, CA
Alcazar Theater
San Francisco, CA
Beverly Vista School
Beverly Hills, CA
Bill Graham Auditorium
San Francisco, CA
Bovard Hall,USC
Los Angeles, CA
Bradbury Building
Los Angeles, CA
Broadway State Office
Los Angeles, CA
Bullocks Wilshire Building
Los Angeles, CA
Cahill Terminal
San Jose, CA
Casa del Mar
Santa Monica, CA
Cooksey House
Palo Alto, CA
Crocker Mansion
San Francisco, CA
Fine Arts Building
Los Angeles, CA
George Washington High
San Francisco, CA
Gilroy City Hall
Gilroy, CA
Glendale Main Post Office
Glendale, CA
Golden Gate Bridge
San Francisco, CA
Higgins Building
Los Angeles, CA
Hollywood Center Building
Los Angeles, CA
Hollywood Prof Bldg
Los Angeles, CA
Huntington Park Fountain
San Francisco, CA
Jean Parker School
San Francisco, CA
Kinsey Hall UCLA
Los Angeles, CA
Lloyd Wright Home & Studio
Los Angeles, CA
Men's Gym UCLA
Los Angeles, CA
Oakland Arts Center
Oakland, CA
Presidio Treatment Plant
Los Angeles, CA
Gap Store Building
Santa Monica, CA
San Francisco Opera House
San Francisco, CA
Shell Building
San Francisco, CA
St. Dominic's Church
San Francisco, CA
Star News Building
Pasadina, CA
US Customs House
San Francisco, CA
Berkeley Chancellor's Residence
Berkley, CA
USC Hospital Administration
Los Angeles, CA
Wyntoon Estate
Shasta, CA
Brunswick Building
Los Angeles, CA
Atascadero City Hall
Atascadero, CA
All Saints Church
Pasadena, CA
San Pedro Bank Lofts
San Pedro, CA
California State Office
San Francisco, CA
City View Lofts
Los Angeles, CA
Douglas Building Lofts
Los Angeles, CA
Geffen Playhouse
Los Angeles, CA
Hearst Mausoleum
Colma, CA
Millard House
Pasadena, CA
Pacific Center Building
Los Angeles, CA
The Nirvana Apartments, Los Angeles
The Nirvana Apartments
Los Angeles, CA
Occidental Bioscience Building, Los Angeles
Occidental Bioscience Bldg
Los Angeles, CA
Marble Statue Repair for Private Residence, Pasadena
Marble Statue Repair
Pasadena, CA
Barcade Restaurant Los Angeles
Barcade Restaurant
Los Angeles, CA
Business on Fair Oaks Ave, Pasadena
Business on Fair Oaks Ave
Pasadena, CA
Office Building on Franklin Ave, El Segundo
Office Bldg on Franklin Ave
El Segundo, CA