Brick Restoration Portfolio

Brick is so common a building material as to be easily overlooked in the survey of historic building materials, but it is so ubiquitous that to ignore it would be misleading. The following brick restoration and repair projects are representative of the issues we face when dealing with this widely used material.

Brick Restoration Services: Cleaning, Restoration & Preservation, Patching & Repair, Iron Spall (Iron Jacking), Repoint, Restore, Seismic Upgrades & Stabilization, Painting & Stripping

Dechambeau Hotel
Brick Reinstallation
Boyle Hotel
Brick Repointing
El Segundo High School
Brick Repair
Rachlin Building
Brick Veneer Repair
Glazed Brick Veneer Replacement
Barstow Station
Structural Reinforcing
Christie Hotel
Brick Reproduction
Raymond Theater
Brick Preservation
Brick Restoration
Brick Wall Demolition at Historic Hotel