Ceramic & Mosaic Tile Restoration Portfolio

Ceramic and marble tiles have been around for a long time, and their use in mosaic surfaces has always been an enjoyable challenge from a restoration viewpoint. With the advent and dispersal of porcelain technology in the last two centuries, these useful and durable materials became a regular component of many historic structures. The following ceramic tile and mosaic restoration projects give some indication of how varied these materials can be.

Ceramic Tile Restoration Services: Cleaning, Restoration & Preservation, Patching & Repair, Resurface, Repoint, Custom Manufacture Mold, Custom Fabrication, Tiling

Granizo Mural
Ceramic Tile Repair
St. Mary's Porcelain Tile Installation
Fort Moore Memorial
Fountain Restoration
L.A. Central Library
Ceramic Tile Restoration
May Co. Building
Mosaic Tile Repair
Palace Hotel
Mosaic Flooring Repair
L.A. County Hospital
Mosaic Floor Restoration