Graffiti Removal for Historic Masonry

When historic masonry is defaced with graffiti, it's imperative to not only remove it quickly, but gently. Leaving it exposed for too long will not only attract repeat tags and other forms of vandalism, it can make you a target for burglars, who notice signs of neglect. 

Because historic structures require a more adaptive cleaning technique, Kaptive C&P uses Quintek Rotec Vortex Technology to safely restore the original substrate. Other methods of graffiti removal often use abrasives or harsh chemicals that are dangerous to the user and can permanently alter the structure. While conventional sandblasting or high-pressure water methods are commonly used to remove graffiti, they clean by direct impact, which often removes part of the original surface.

The Quintek Vortex uses low pressure at an oblique angle, dispersing a rotating jet of air, water, and micro abrasive powder at the substrate. The level of cleaning can be adjusted to match the requirements of each object. It is thus safe to use on any building material, even precious sculptures. The technology is so environmentally friendly, the glass blast material turns to sand.

In order to prevent graffiti, anti-graffiti coating is recommended for high risk areas. Kaptive C&P is bonded with the state of California, and is getting additional bonding soon for government projects.

Graffiti Removal Services: Cleaning, Restoration, Prevention

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