Historic Concrete Restoration Portfolio

With the commercial advent of modern day Portland cement, the use of concrete in construction blossomed and grew to large quantities by the early part of the 20th Century. The projects listed here provide a good sampling of historic concrete restoration, patching, and repair jobs, illustrating the use of concrete in historic buildings and facades.

Historic Concrete Restoration Services: Cleaning, Restoration & Preservation, Patching & Repair, Iron Spall (Iron Jacking), Resurface, Repoint, Custom Manufacture Molds, Seismic Upgrades & Stabilization, Painting & Stripping.

Arcade Theater
Concrete Patching
Oaklawn Bridge
Concrete Restoration
Olympic Stadium
Concrete Veneer Repairs
Cabrillo Bridge
Concrete Stabilization
AMDA (Vine Tower)
Concrete Repair