Natural Stone Restoration Portfolio

Natural stone as an exterior building material is not as prevalent on the West Coast as it is in the Eastern States, only because the majority of our buildng cycles took place after the advent of Portland cement and ceramic building materials. However, there are enough instances of natural stone in the urban Western environment to address this material, especially in regards to interior surfaces. The following stone restoration projects give some idea of how we have dealt with the medium in our restoration work.

Natural Stone Restoration Services: Cleaning, Restoration & Preservation, Patching & Repair, Iron Spall (Iron Jacking), Installation, Resurface, Repoint, Seismic Upgrades & Stabilization, Custom Fabrication


Vibiana Cathedral
Earthquake Retrofitting
Kerckhoff Hall
Limestone Preservation
Huntington Museum 
Sculpture Preservation
L.A. Central Library
Limestone Restoration


Merrit Building
Marble Cleaning
Annenberg Pool
Marble Tile Restoration
Federal Office Veneer
Seismic Upgrade
Oakland City Hall
Interior Marble Restoration
Temple Emmanu-El
Decorative Marble


Flood Building
Sandstone Restoration
Mt. St. Mary's College
Sandstone Repairs