Terra Cotta Molding and Repair for Catalina Lofts Building

Downtown Los Angeles
California, USA

The historic Catalina Lofts mixed-use building at 443 S San Pedro had suffered extensive damage from exposure to the elements. Kaptive C&P repaired the terra cotta and installed a new decorative trim molding on the exterior. 

To address the terra cotta damage on the east and north elevations, we patched using a specialty repair mortar installation, followed by a glaze coating to blend with the surrounding cleaned terra cotta surfaces. Some units were replaced entirely.

Additionally, we custom manufactured a new decorative trim molding using Fiber-Reinforced Concrete (FRC), modeled after the remaining undamaged sections of the terra cotta trim. These new units were also coated with a glaze to match the adjacent terra cotta veneer.

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