Services & Solutions

We are a full-service historic preservation company, specializing in historic masonry restoration as well as other media, working in California and the West. Our primary expertise covers all porous architectural materials, both natural and man-made, in both interior and exterior applications. While masonry restoration comprises a large part of our business, we can also perform as a General Contractor for a client's historic preservation project.

Marble Restoration
Restoration & Preservation Services

Historic Preservation Solutions

Restore, or preserve, all types of historic masonry building fabric. This includes repairs in place, faithful reproduction of existing elements and consulting services.

Patching & Repair Services

Patch & Repair Solutions

Furnish durable, appropriate repairs in situ to a spectrum of historic building materials. Address repair issues, in place, on masonry, building metals (iron and copperwork) and exterior wood millwork.

Iron Jacking (Iron Spalling) Services

Iron Spall (Iron Jacking) Solutions

Restoration of structural instability and displacement due to oxidization (rust) and expansion of structural iron and steel, usually in concrete, but common to all types of masonry. (Also known as “iron jacking” or “rust jacking”.)

Repointting Services

Repointing Solutions

Repoint (tuck point) existing masonry joints, using durable mortars that are compatible with the historic masonry units and which match existing work for color and finish.

Stripping & Painting Services

Painting & Stripping Solutions

Strip failed or unwanted paint finishes from masonry surfaces without damaging the underlying substrate. Apply paint and finish to any surface, as specified.

Resurfacing Services

Resurfacing Solutions

Restore weathered and otherwise damaged surfaces of existing masonry fabric, including cast elements, concrete, natural stone and ceramic tile.

Custom Fabrication Services

Custom Fabrication Solutions

Furnish faithful reproduction building elements in any historic material, including brick, stone, ceramic tiles and millwork (wood).

Custom Manufacture Molding Services

Custom Manufacture Mold Solutions

Reproduce any historic carved or molded surface by taking an impression of the work and reproducing it in the original material or in a molding medium. Reproduction can be done for the whole element or just a part, and in concrete, plaster, stone or wood.