Decorative Cast Stone Preservation for Hollyhock House

Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, 
California, USA

Years of exposure to the elements were only some of the problems afflicting this classic residence. Phase I of a long-term restoration plan called for removal and reinstallation of significant portions of the upper roof and decorative elements, for this early Frank Llyod Wright structure. 

The decorative cast stone restoration project involved recording all location and repair information for each of 600 pieces in a database for future restoration use. Removal was achieved using small Italian pneumatic carving hammers for light impact work. A special hot water pressure washer was used to clean each cast stone unit, and repairs were completed in such a way as to eliminate any sign of intervention. Our best jobs are designed to be invisible.

Hollyhock House is a UNESCO World Heritage Site as well as a U.S. National Historic Landmark & and Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument. It’s also in the U.S National Register of Historic Places. Wikipedia Reference: