Marble Mosaic Flooring Repair for Palace Hotel

San Francisco, San Francisco County, 
California, USA

The Palace Hotel in San Francisco was the Ritz of its era, and during the most recent renovation, the marble mosaic floors in the famous Pied Piper Room and adjacent dining room were restored and refinished. The marble mosaic repair work used practices that have been around for centuries. 

Bringing the marble mosaic floors of this landmark back involved repair, infill and refinishing of the decorative stone surface. Installation of salvaged marble pieces was based upon extending the original design by extrapolation, which we were able to apply to salvaged tesserae. After they were installed, the repair area was ground down by hand using small, high speed grinders, then resurfaced, using planetary-motion floor machines equipped with diamond abrasives, followed by the application of a penetrating water- and oil-repellent sealer.

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