Restoration of Porcelain Tile Fountain at Fort Moore Pioneer Memorial

Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, 
California, USA

The ceramic tile and terra cotta portions of the public space built to memorialize early Anglo settlers in Los Angeles was constructed in 1957 in a contemporary style. Long years of exposure to the elements had caused areas of the tile fountain surface to fail, requiring the replication and installation of new matching porcelain tiles. 

We had our work cut out for us in this porcelain tile repair and replacement project, as large areas of porcelain tile had naturally fallen to the pool surface below as the original setting bed material failed beneath. We identified any failed tiles, and after proper surface preparation, removed them using Italian carving hammers to carve away the old thin-set mortar. Placement of individual tiles could then proceed on an area-by-area basis, maintaining the same “random” feel as the original.

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