Brick Repair for El Segundo High School

El Segundo, Los Angeles, 
California, USA

The brick and cast stone facade had suffered from long-term exposure to salt-laden air, with rusting and deterioration of internal steel components, causing damage to the masonry facade. Thus, this was not just a simple brick repair project, as it also required rusted steel restoration.

Preparation of these damaged areas included the removal of all loose and unstable original material. Repairs to the cast stone included application of a corrosion-resistant coating to inhibit future rusting, as well as application of a ‘rendering’ surface mortar for greater long-term durability. The entire exposed steel beam was coated with an epoxy-based anti-corrosion treatment to reduce or eliminate exposure to future moisture sources. Salvaged bricks were then reinstalled in a full bed of mortar, and the outer joints cut back to receive the final application of pointing mortar formulated to match the adjacent original mortar.