Earthquake Retrofitting for Vibiana Cathedral

Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, 
California, USA

The Blossom Ballroom at the Roosevelt Hotel was the site of the first Academy Awards Ceremony back in 1929, and has hosted many famous names over the years. The decorative ceiling of the ballroom recently underwent a major upgrade to incorporate new computer-controlled light systems and the ceiling was reconfigured, restored, and updated structrually during this process. 

This decorative plaster ceiling renovation involved removing and repairing the original ’70s panels. For failed areas of the ceiling intended for preservation, we made new replacement segments in a compatibile material to make sure the ceiling was sound after reinstallation. The corbels and panels were redone using stencil techniques, while the color scheme was derived from careful forensic research to determine the original paint scheme from the 1920s.

The Roosevelt Hotel has been declared a Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument. Wikipedia Reference:

Here’s another interesting link on the Academy’s site:

Positive proof that California has history.