Glazed Brick Veneer Replacement

Venice Beach, Los Angeles,
California, USA

A portion of glazed brick veneer on this building facing the ocean in Venice Beach had failed catastrophically, due to inner mild steel failure of the structural elements. Exposure to the salt-laden air of this marine-adjacent location mandated a complete removal and later installation of new brick after addressing the condition of the internal steel structural elements. 

This glazed brick veneer replacement involved installation of both repaired bricks as well as new bricks.  After selective demolition of damaged brick, we removed the rust scaling on the surface of the inner steel, welding new steel tabs to the original I-beam, and installed a steel-framed wall with cement backer-board support. Once all structural upgrades were completed and coated, we installed matching glazed brick to complete the column profile. Completion of this area involved not only reinstalling bricks, but extensive patching and grouting of original bricks.