Exterior Painting for Los Feliz English Tudor

Los Angeles
California, USA

Kaptive PaintWorks did an exterior repaint of this historic English Tudor, repairing extensive damage to the aging stucco. The single-family home was built in the 1920s atop Aberdeen Avenue, in close proximity to Griffith Park. The prestigious Los Feliz neighborhood has long been renowned as a celebrity enclave, boasting a rich history intertwined with the early days of Hollywood.

A number of environmental factors had contributed to the deterioration of the exterior, from seismic activity, water damage, to the ivy growth on the building. We began by stripping the paint from the walls, windows, and doors, applying a combination of pressure washer and chemical stripper. Stucco patch was used to fill in cracks and spalls.

We then repainted the stucco using exterior latex paint, which has a high level of permeability, allowing the naturally porous stucco to breathe. Proper airflow is crucial in preventing moisture entrapment, which can lead to cracked stucco and peeling paint.

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